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  • Solar Power CCTV system kits
Solar Power CCTV system kits

Solar Power CCTV system kits

  • Product description: Solar Power CCTV system kits

Specification of Solar Power CCTV system kits


Size solar panel 119×53.5×2.5(CM)
Kit include 100W solar panel, 12V ternary polymer lithium battery, solar charge controller 
The standby time of rain days 3 days

• Applicable to the suburbs or inconvenient power supply of the mountainous areas, can be used according to the needs of different combinations.

• Effectively Solve the troubles of long-distance outdoor transmission wiring.

• Environmental adaptability.




3km Long-distance transmission of wifi signals

high speed & high quality & 5.8G anti-interference

widely used in Multi Application Scenarios

12mouths warranty 



Chipset 560MHz  Atheros QCA9342
Type Data Signal
P2P Distance 3km
P2MP Distance 1.5km


Application Scenario

1. Security system 
Scenic monitoring transmission, forest fire prevention, Community security, Road, factory, farm, Park, Solar power stations, elevator, crane tower
2. Wifi or Radio transmission
 Village network transmission, Remote area network transmission
Interface 1 Ethernet port (10M/100M), 1 Reset button, 1 serial port
Power supply 24V-0.5A PoE
MTBF 20000 hours 
Antenna Built-in 12dBi directional antenna, H 65 degrees, V 65 degrees
WLAN standard IEEE802.11a/n,MIMO 2X2
Frequency  5.150~5.825GHz
Modulation rate 802.11a:54,48,36,24,18,14,9,6 Mbps, OFDM
802.11n:MCS0~MCS15, OFD




2MP HD IP Buamera, Night vision and face recognition.

With LOLUX, Huawei chips, Built-in DDR3 memory.

Built-in lightning protection module



Image sensor  1/2.7″CMOS
Video resolution Max. 1920×1080
Effective pixels  2MP
Video compression standard  H.264
Video bit rate  88Kbps~2.5Mbps

Signal to noise ratio

Minimum illumination  0Lux(IR ON)
Lens The interface type  M12
The lens is tie-in  4mm, 6mm, 8mm, 12mm




4 channel 1080p

support TCP/UDP

with 2pcs USB2.0 interfaces

Video& Audio   Input Video Input 4 Channel
Network Video Bandwidth 20M
Video& Audio Output HDMI/VGA 1 Channel   1280*1024/1280×800/1024*768
Audio Output 1 Channel, RCA Port
Video& Audio code parameters Record   Resolution 1920×1080/1280×960/1280×720/768×432/704×576
Video Encoding Resolution 4ch   1080P/960P/720P
Synchronous Playback 1ch   1280*1024/1280×800/1024*768
Application Scenario

Zero wire solutions of solar security CCTV kit



Connecting Method


3km wireless CCTV.pngCCTV.jpg


After the solar panel is installed, there can be no obstructions.. Blocking a small corner will cause the area to consume electricity and not charge the battery. The core of the connection is the controller, which must be connected to the 12v battery first, and then to the solar panel. Note that the negative and positive electrodes should not be reversed. A usb interface is provided on the controller, which can output 5 v power supply,can be used to connect 5 v power supply switch, or fiber optic transceiver. If necessary, contact the customer service describe is it to connect to the switch or transceiver. Take the usb transfer line.



As a wireless devices equipment manufacturer with more than ten years, we have supplied competitive devices and help do many wireless solutions for CCTV system and WISP projects.


We can offer 1~50km Wireless Solutions and Devices to our CCTV system customers.  Solar Powered also available. 

Please feel free to contact with us. 


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