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  • WQ-325



Product parameter


  • High power, High density, high speed

            300Mbps high speed transmission,which can solve the headache

           of Multi-user simultaneously access.

  • Wifi interactive marketing

             Compatible with most of wifi marketing system

  • Energy saving, Environment protecting, nonradiative
  • Anti-thunder, anti power stabilizing 365days

  • Simple to install, hanging or ceiling

4-Layer PCB Board

 Ceiling AP (3)

  • Ultra-thin appearance and industrial Grade Design
  • Qualcomm QCA9533chip, performing powerful and stable 
  • 802.3af / at is compatible with standard POE power supply
  • Build-in hardware smart antenna system
Advanced Software


  • Automatic channel avoids interference
  • Supporting roaming seamless
  • Three modes: AP, repeater and router
Product Overviews


 Traditional wired connections are impractical when linking areas separated by natural barriers, such as mountains or water. Instead, wireless point-to-point network connections are required to carry the signal over long distances. WQ-link’s CPE and AP products have been carefully engineered to provide secure, stable wireless links to deal with these cases.

This product WQ-325 ceiling AP can be widespread used.





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