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5.8GHz Wireless CPE

  • WQ 5-23
  • WQ 5-23
  • WQ 5-23
  • WQ 5-23
  • WQ 5-23
WQ 5-23WQ 5-23WQ 5-23WQ 5-23WQ 5-23

WQ 5-23

WQ-5-23 is a 300Mbps 2*2 MIMO high power outdoor wireless dish bridge for extremely long range point-to-point solutions. It is revolutionary radio-in-feed dish design with high performance, cost-effective and dedicated to long distance wireless network solutions.

It can solve the problem of long-distance wireless transmission. With 23dBi dual-polarized dish antenna, a pair of WQ-5-23 can easily build 15km+ long range wireless connection and keep a high
speed rate.

WQ-5-23 is best applied to rural wireless Internet, wireless backhaul, cctv system and other industrial wireless solutions.

> Easy Mounting and Deployment
> Ultra Long Distance with High Throughput
> Support open frequency from 5150 to 5915 MHz
> Support adjustable power
>2*2 MIMO with SuperTDMA Technology
>5GHz dual chain board integrated into 23dBi grid antenna with 8 degree beam width

For long distance transmission, wiring is not available. This product WQ-5-23 helps to say byebye with wrapping messy wiring, it is easy to work out monitor network transmission

15km high power wireless transfer
- 15km max ptp range
- 2*2 MIMO
- Independent PA
- POE power supply

Plug and play installation
WQ-5-23 supports 24V POE power supply, it means one cable can transmit data and power at same time, and we always preconfigure it before delivery.

Antenna protection cover
WQ-5-23 is equipped with a 23dBi dish antenna, which has a protecion cover. It makes the antenna isolation from harsh enviroments.
Stable performance even at - 40℃
This antenna is not afraid of hot can cold. It can run stably in a temperature of - 40 degree


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