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5.8GHz Wireless CPE

  • WQ-560L


5km OEM communication wireless outdoor bridge radio cpe device for IP camera

Processor Spec

Qualcomm QCA9531   650Mbps

Memory information

DDR2 64MB, 16MB Flash


802.11 a/n  2x2 MiMO

Networking interface

2x10/100Mbps Base-Tx (Cat.5, RJ-45) Ethernet Port

1pc RESET Button


5.8Ghz, 300Mps

Antenna Gain


Power Supply

24/48V PoE Adapter

Working mode


Physical / Electrical


Outdoor UV Stabilized Plastic

Operating Temperature


Operating Humidity

10~90% condensing

Antenna Gain

Outdoor UV Stabilized Plastic



Ingress Protection

2KV Lightning Protection

IP63 level

Output Power:14dBm, 300mW

outdoor wifi access points/point to multi poin wireless cpe for IP camera

Frequency: 5Ghz

Throughout: 300+Mbps

Range: 5km

Hot -sale model. Good price with long distance transmission.
This kind of wireless bridge is mainly used for residential area, factory,  monitor system.

High performance and Quick transmission

The wireless bridge is with stability transmission , built-in antenna


Made of ABS material, exquisite workmanship, elegant design

The wireless bridge's design has no metal parts, which makes them lighter and corrosion resistant. Small packaging reduces freight costs and makes them less obvious.

Reasonable outlook design, the network cable can easily connect to the port.

5Ghz wireless router bridge for 5km wifi ptp range cpe for ip camera

High performance wireless bridge Chipset

Intelligent chipset, stable transmission

This equipment uses Qualcomm industrial chip, with a great load carrying capacity, fast processing speed, stable transmission speed.


Easy installation wireless bridge

1. band mounting

2. Bracket mounting

3. Nail wall installation



Four modes widely used for many applications


1. Point to Point Solution

Method one: connect multiple cameras to the switch, and then connect the CPE through a couple of CPEs for transmission

Method two: Connect each camera access to a a pair of CPEs, respectively, and then monitoring center collect through the exchange of AP-side.

2. Point to multi-point solution

When the distance between the cameras is relatively close, the distance range reaches the monitoeing center angle of less than 60 degrees, you can use point to muti-point transmission scheme

3. Elevator monitoring solution

wireless bridge outdoor ar9344 cpe point to point for  ip camera


2.4Ghz wireless bridge mainly used in elevator and crane tower

5.8Ghz wireless bridge widely used for

1. Security system

forest fire prevention, Community security, Road, factory, farm, Park, Solar power stations, elevator, crane tower

2. Wifi or Radio transmission

Different product can access different numbers of cameras.

Please feel free to contact with us for proposal and solutions.



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