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  • WQ-730L



This new band product WQ-730L is made of engineering ABS plastic, it is waterproof and anti-oxidant. It meets the equirements of outdoor use. 


    Model number     WQ-730L
    WLAN standard     IEEE 802.11 a/n, iPoll (proprietary)
    Radio mode     MIMO 2x2
    Frequency band     5.150 - 5.850 GHz
    Tools     Site survey, link test, antenna alignment
    Interface     10/100 Base-T, RJ45
    Processor Specs     Atheros AR9342
    Memory Information     64M
    Flash     16M
    Antenna gain     20dBi
    Max VSWR     <1.8
    H-pol/V-pol BeamWidth     16 deg



4-Layer PCB Board




  • Ultra-thin appearance and industrial Grade Design
  • Qualcomm QCA9342 chip, skywork se5012 PA performing powerful and stable 
  • 802.3af / at is compatible with standard POE power supply
  • Build-in hardware smart antenna system

The 32 oscillators antenna


  • Made of high quality, high frequency board material.
  • Equipped with 32pcs antenna oscillators, make the Beam Width up to 16 deg.
  • High antenna gain for 20dBi
  • Help to increase the transmission distance to 10km.
Advanced Software


                   ·Ping Dog        ·Cloud Management      

 ·Schwarze Liste    ·6 Modes

Product Overviews


Connecting Method A

WQ-730L can be used for long range wireless cctv camera sytem, as long as 10km transmission. 

Thanks to its high-gain 20dBi and 32 oscillators antenna, we can use WQ-730L for long range no wired CCTV transmission.

Why should we use CPE for wireless CCTV transmission? If the project is in the mountains, there is no way to carry out the cable transmission, we can use CPE.

Connecting Method B

WQ-730L also can be used for remote network coverage, just like Rural broadband network coverage or PTP wireless transmission.

WQ-730 uses as a Base AP, other CPEs uses as station.

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