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  • WQ-AP5C


WQ-AP5C is equipped with a 23dBi parabolic dish antenna, which can be used for 15km long distance wireless project.

Model WQ-AP5C
PTMP distance 15km
Frequency 5150-5850MHz
Chipset AR9342
Antenna gain 23dBi
Antenna angle 9° V pole/ H pole
SPI Flash 16M
Memory DDR2 64M
Power 12~24V

Mechanical and environmental indicators

  • Connector type                              2*N interface
  • Cable length                                   /
  • Reflector material                          Aluminum alloy
  • Reflector color                               Gray
  • Mechanical tilt(°)                            -15~+15
  • Operating temperature(℃)            40~70
  • 4-Layer PCB Board


    • Ultra-thin appearance and industrial Grade Design
    • Qualcomm QCA9342 chip, skywork se5012 PA performing powerful and stable
    • 802.3af / at is compatible with standard POE power supply
    • Build-in hardware smart antenna system
    Product Overviews

    15km high power wireless transfer

    Outdoor LOS wireless CPE/AP



    These tips will help you install the device easily

    Antenna Protection Cover

    WQ-AP5C is equipped with an antenna protection cover, which makes the antenna isolation from harsh enviroments._05__.jpg

    Professional outdoor wireless transfer (Point to Point)

    5GHz & 300Mbps communication level outdoor wireless CPE, which can come true 15km long range PTP wireless transfer such as forest, island and so on. when using it, please check the azimuth beamwidth._04__.jpg

    This product WQ-AP5C can be used in many remote transmission scenarios, if traditional wiring is difficult to carry out.

    below is the scenarios and some Successful cases of our team.


    WQ-AP5C uses for CCTV as the topology below

    One device emits a signal and the other receives it to enable real-time viewing of the monitor screen,allthough long distance between these two point.



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